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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 15th March


Well this has been an amazing week! There is so much growth going on in the gardens, so much yummy food to eat; we are so spoilt for choice in this beautiful country of ours. Autumn is certainly a time of abundance! Plus we live in such a great climate that we are able to produce fresh produce all year round here in NZ. Sure produce is seasonal but there is always enough fresh NZ grown fruit and vegetables available, even if the choice is more restrictive over the colder months. Paradise!!!
Autumn is definitely the season for harvesting and storage. We used to do heaps of food storage for the leaner months, especially bottled tomatoes but find now with so much fresh produce available anyway there is no longer a need, except of course sweetcorn a favourite which we freeze for the long winter months. What we must do though is get on to the firewood and pine cones before it gets too wet so we have plenty of nice dry wood for the winter. We have a huge supply of firewood available, way more than we need, but we must get some shed stored now before it is too late. Maybe tomorrow.

It is definitely the season for harvesting apples and we have heaps of Gala available this week at $2.99kg. Such a good buy! Also this week we have the Southern Snap apple available. These are amazing apples, sweet with an accompanying tang, so good! They are scarce and very sought after; supply is limited. New seasons Beauregard Kumara start this week. These are the bright orange fleshed kumara. Juicing apples are also available now plus bosc pears and the last variety of plums for the season, Angelino. Local blueberries are almost finished, probably the last week for these and then the price will increase. Avocadoes are small this week, 120-160gms, and are priced accordingly. Sweetcorn is almost finished but still very nice. We hope to have some lemons available and maybe a limited supply of broccoli – will let you know later if we do.

Heaps of grapes available; the crop is poorer this year but we will probably just supply Eco-Organics and do minimal if any wholesaling so supply should be fine depending on the birds, who particularly love them too!


Special this week

Gala Apples @ $2.99kg Great value and just freshly picked


New Products

Beauregard Kumara
Juicing Apples
Southern Snap Apples
Bosc Pears
Angelino Plums

Will be in touch later with any updates. Enjoy your week and take care!
Really enjoy receiving your orders too.




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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 22 February


Nice to have some sunshine again! We have a solar water pump operating on our family farm and it is so rare for the water tank supply to be low, especially at this time of the year. But this last week, before the sunshine returned it was. At least there is artesian water on the property so never a shortage of water anyway.

Gala apples arrive this coming week and at a great bulk price. It’s been a while since apples have been available at $3.99kg bulk so great time to enjoy these new seasons fruit. The Valencia oranges also start this week and will continue through until around May/June. We still have a limited supply of hass avocadoes available, unexpected but great to have. NZ green kiwifruit is very limited now so expecting this to run out soon and the new crops don’t come ready until later April/early May. Most fruit has been early this season and our grapes are also starting to colour – won’t be long now! Yummy!!!
Nectarines are available again this week so enjoy these while you can as this may be the last of them. Plenty of kale, plenty of cavolo nero and even spinach this week. Lots of choice, lots of goodies – enjoy!

Special this week are lettuces. Great value and definitely salad weather!


Special this week

Lettuces @ $2.99 each, 2 for $5.50


New Products

Gala Apples
Valencia Oranges
Nashi Pears

Carrots are still in very short supply but hoping to have some juicing ones available later, maybe red lettuces as well. Will be in touch with any updates.
All the very best for the week and love having your orders thanks.



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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 8th February


Well we weathered the last storm ok but seems we have more wet weather to come over the next little while. After being so dry at the end of last year this is certainly a welcome reprieve for the irrigators!

This week we have lots of new products. New Zealand Onions are now available and also a few Crown Pumpkin are coming ready along with more Buttercup. Our Red Russian Kale has gone crazy with all this rain as has the Cavolo Nero so plentiful supply of these yummy veggies also.
We have a new apple variety arriving which I don’t know called Posy. This is a blend of Gala and Rose apples so am expecting it to be very good, sounds like a great combination! William Bon Chretien Pears start this week and I notice the Nashi Pears are almost ready to pick. The birds have definitely decided they are ready as I hear them out there now, very happy! We also start the Yen Ben Lemon this week. This is a firmer lemon and a little more difficult to extract the juice. Here is a quick tip for juice extraction which may help ‘Placing lemons in the microwave for a short burst or rolling back and forth on the bench top will help release more juice’.

Still plenty of yummy sweetcorn available, potatoes easing in price, rockmelons divine!, cherries almost finished and oranges the best ever!


Special this week

Celery @ $4.99 bunch Lovely flavour!


New Products

NZ Brown Onions
Russian Red Kale
Cavolo Nero
Crown Pumpkin
Posy Apples (Gala/Rose blend)
Yen Ben Lemons
William Bon Chretien Pears

Our son and daughter-in-law are taking the grandchildren camping today for a few days. Here’s hoping the weather holds out for them; kids will love it either way but not so sure about mum and dad!




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Welcome back & Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Well we’ve certainly had some nice summer weather to start the year off and now the rain is most welcome. Our plan was to get back into gear for the deliveries yesterday, computer work etc but with the power off we had a lovely quiet relaxing day. And the day before that was Des’s birthday which of course entailed catching up with family etc. We’ve had a nice break just pottering around and generally enjoying ourselves. I trust you also have been able to take the time to do some things you’ve wanted to do for yourselves over this time too.

And now we are back into it, realising that we really enjoy what we do but also more aware that we need to delegate some of the workload to some extra helping hands where necessary. Pre-Christmas was rather stressful trying to cope with the new website on top of the usual rush required at that time of the year but having had a chance to step back from it now it’s easier to see not everything needs to be done at once and some things can just wait. We’re aiming for a special year with lots of goodies and plenty of happy well fed customers!

This week new seasons buttercup starts – green skin and yellow/orange flesh and the best pumpkin type around! We also have new seasons rocket potatoes, plenty of carrots, juicing and table, new seasons beetroot, NZ garlic and also some small round green beans. More cherries, peaches, plums and blueberries – yum! Strawberries are almost finished but we will have plenty of frozen ones available later. Just ask if you want them earlier. Avocadoes are in very short supply and we only have a very few this week, could be short until the end of the month actually.
With increased supply prices on some products are now easing – this is the best time of the year for prices to reduce as we move into great growing weather and main crop production. Tomatoes are cheaper, greens like silverbeet also, plus blueberries, cherries, beans, potatoes and carrots; even kumara has eased a little. Other crops like beetroot and buttercups will ease as production increases later.

Special this week

Navel Oranges @ $4.99kg We have heaps of these so definitely something to enjoy this week


New Products

Rocket Potatoes These are white flesh and newly harvested
Carrots – Juicing
NZ Garlic New seasons just beginning
Prepak 1.5kg Agria Potatoes
Green Beans Small round

New seasons sunrise apples and sugar belle pears are coming next week – don’t you just love this time of the year!
Will update as more products become available




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Strawberries for Christmas and PYO

Strawberries available Saturday 9am-1pm at the farm – $10kg ungraded

Here’s your opportunity to get fresh organic strawberries for Christmas at an amazing price of just $10kg.

Our farm shop will be open on Saturday 23rd December from 9am-1pm with lots of freshly picked strawberries available. Please note no other produce will be available – except maybe plums.
These strawberries will be as they come straight from the field so there will be the odd second amongst them but mostly they will be top quality berries.

Pick Your Own Friday 8am – 12 Noon – $10kg

Plus if you want to pick your own strawberries come Friday 22nd December 8am to 12pm. Strawberries will be the same price at $10kg but you can eat as much as you like as well.


Farm location – 153 Ararimu Valley Rd, Waimauku – Ph 4118466

We may also be open between Christmas and New Year for pick your own on Friday 29th December 8am – 12pm. Will confirm this later.

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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 21st December 2017

Well the year is almost over and what a year it has been! From huge losses and changes to some very satisfying and fulfilling times it has certainly been a year to remember. A year of reflection and contemplation, growth and understanding. A year that has been an incredible journey, invigorating at times, unwillingly at others, but nevertheless experienced anyway. There has been sadness and joy, disbelief and frustration. So many examples of ‘the frog in the well’ approach to life; seeing what we want to see, totally unaware of the bigger picture. 2017 has reaffirmed for me time and again just how much we create our own lives, how much what we perceive is happening is just a reflection of what is going on inside ourselves, that there is a whole other world out there. If we could only just drop the judgements and listen, open our hearts and love… what a world we could share!!!

My most rewarding and fulfilling experience this year was spending time working in a kauri and rimu forest. Massive trees, just being, totally magnificent! The time I spent with them was like nothing I have ever experienced before, totally natural, just awesome!!! And the chaos was so ordered.

I trust your year also has been one you will remember. Thank you for sharing part of it with us. We love having you on-board.

This week we have strawberries on special again plus we also have Christmas plums. Agria potatoes start and also some new seasons beetroot available. And they tell me we may even have some apricots – can’t wait!


Specials this week

Strawberries @ $3.99 punnet
Plums @ $5.99kg


New Products

Agria Potatoes
Beetroot – new seasons
Telegraph Cucumbers
Large Avocadoes
Rainbow Chard

This will be our last delivery for 2017. Next delivery will be 11th January 2018. Shop open this Wednesday 9am-1pm and then again on the 10th January same day and hours.
Thank you so much for all your support. You are just the best customers ever!!!

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018
Thank you!!!!

Kind Regards


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New website is up and running

Finally we have got there and our new website is up and running. Thank goodness!!!!

Please be aware that there will be ongoing changes as we refine the process but everything should be good to go now for ordering. Any issues at all please feedback thank you. As we have yet to sort address labels etc at this end it would be helpful if when you order that you include the code that you have been using with us in the comments box at the checkout page. Once we have everything sorted this will no longer be necessary.

Here’s the address  

You can also create an account and yes you will be emailed (finally) an invoice when you order.

Please note there is a surcharge for paying by credit card as we try to encourage payment by direct transfer.

When paying by direct transfer/internet banking please include the order number of the order when making payment.

Delivery Dates

Last delivery this year  Thursday 21st December  – please get your order in as early as possible to ensure supply

First delivery 2018 – 11th January

Shop open 9am -1pm Wednesday 20th December and then starts again Wednesday 10th January

Improvements will be ongoing with the website but any feedback will be much appreciated thanks.

As you can expect the couriers are very busy with Christmas coming. If your order is delayed let us know as early as possible so we can make sure it is on its way thanks

Kind Regards


PS Lots of strawberries, make the most of them as they usually stop after Christmas. If you want bulk 2nds (smoothie grade) let us know as we have some many berries at present.