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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 22 February


Nice to have some sunshine again! We have a solar water pump operating on our family farm and it is so rare for the water tank supply to be low, especially at this time of the year. But this last week, before the sunshine returned it was. At least there is artesian water on the property so never a shortage of water anyway.

Gala apples arrive this coming week and at a great bulk price. It’s been a while since apples have been available at $3.99kg bulk so great time to enjoy these new seasons fruit. The Valencia oranges also start this week and will continue through until around May/June. We still have a limited supply of hass avocadoes available, unexpected but great to have. NZ green kiwifruit is very limited now so expecting this to run out soon and the new crops don’t come ready until later April/early May. Most fruit has been early this season and our grapes are also starting to colour – won’t be long now! Yummy!!!
Nectarines are available again this week so enjoy these while you can as this may be the last of them. Plenty of kale, plenty of cavolo nero and even spinach this week. Lots of choice, lots of goodies – enjoy!

Special this week are lettuces. Great value and definitely salad weather!


Special this week

Lettuces @ $2.99 each, 2 for $5.50


New Products

Gala Apples
Valencia Oranges
Nashi Pears

Carrots are still in very short supply but hoping to have some juicing ones available later, maybe red lettuces as well. Will be in touch with any updates.
All the very best for the week and love having your orders thanks.



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