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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 8th February


Well we weathered the last storm ok but seems we have more wet weather to come over the next little while. After being so dry at the end of last year this is certainly a welcome reprieve for the irrigators!

This week we have lots of new products. New Zealand Onions are now available and also a few Crown Pumpkin are coming ready along with more Buttercup. Our Red Russian Kale has gone crazy with all this rain as has the Cavolo Nero so plentiful supply of these yummy veggies also.
We have a new apple variety arriving which I don’t know called Posy. This is a blend of Gala and Rose apples so am expecting it to be very good, sounds like a great combination! William Bon Chretien Pears start this week and I notice the Nashi Pears are almost ready to pick. The birds have definitely decided they are ready as I hear them out there now, very happy! We also start the Yen Ben Lemon this week. This is a firmer lemon and a little more difficult to extract the juice. Here is a quick tip for juice extraction which may help ‘Placing lemons in the microwave for a short burst or rolling back and forth on the bench top will help release more juice’.

Still plenty of yummy sweetcorn available, potatoes easing in price, rockmelons divine!, cherries almost finished and oranges the best ever!


Special this week

Celery @ $4.99 bunch Lovely flavour!


New Products

NZ Brown Onions
Russian Red Kale
Cavolo Nero
Crown Pumpkin
Posy Apples (Gala/Rose blend)
Yen Ben Lemons
William Bon Chretien Pears

Our son and daughter-in-law are taking the grandchildren camping today for a few days. Here’s hoping the weather holds out for them; kids will love it either way but not so sure about mum and dad!




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