What we do

We understand what you eat makes such a difference to you and your family’s health and we can help. We grow the best, freshest, and tastiest, locally produced, seasonal organic fruit and vegetables available and deliver this very fresh healthy organic produce directly to your home. We also offer organic fruit and vegetables sourced from other organic farms, local where possible, to ensure there is a wide range of tempting organic produce for you to choose from.
What we do 1

You can order these yummy organic goodies online. Choose exactly what you want, this is our specialty, just like when you go shopping. We love you choosing your own organic fruit and vegetables and have intentionally designed our growing business so you can. We also want you and your family to be as healthy as you can so we encourage you to enjoy eating more organic fruit and vegetables by offering discounts for volume where possible.

Organic farm boxes are also available. These organic farm boxes have a fixed value and we choose what organic produce is supplied. There is a small discount on these organic boxes. Some customers start with these surprise organic boxes and then graduate to choosing their own organic produce later, others continue letting us select their organic produce for them adding top ups as required.

We guarantee all our organic fruit and vegetables.What we do 2

Organic growing is our passion, supplying these yummy organic fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible is our business, having healthy happy customers our rewards.

We would love to supply you with this garden fresh amazingly healthy organic food.