About orders

Tell me about your products

Eco-Organics specializes in offering a wide selection of quality farm fresh certified organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. Situated at the doorstep of Auckland our family business provides our own and other locally grown organic produce wherever possible. To ensure we are able to offer a comprehensive range of organic fruit and vegetables for selection we also supply organic produce from other organic growers throughout NZ and at times clearly identified international organic produce.

Almost all of our products are organic. Those that are not are clearly identified as being either natural, wild harvest, spray free or like the imported certified organic bananas no longer organic because they have been fumigated on entry to NZ.


How do I order?

You can order your organic goodies online, by phone or by email.


When do I order?

Organic home delivery is once a week on a Thursday. We prefer your organic orders in by Tuesday so we can pick the organic fruit and vegetables required while they are still cool early Wednesday morning ready for packing. If you do overlook ordering on Tuesday let us know Wednesday anyway as it just may be possible to supply you with organic produce for Thursday’s home delivery.


Can I choose what I want?

Yes please! Our system is designed around offering you the choice from all our organic products available. No wastage and you get exactly what you want. Even though it does take just that little extra time to place your order it is far quicker and easier than going to a shop and perfectly tuned to you and your family’s organic fruit and vegetable requirements.


Do you supply a fixed price organic farm box?

Yes we can supply a variety of fully organic surprise boxes if choosing your own organic products doesn’t work for you. We do 3 sizes of mixed organic fruit and vegetable boxes, a mixed organic juicing box, 2 sizes of organic vegetables only boxes and 2 sizes of organic fruit only boxes with the option of including fumigated organically grown bananas if desired. There is a small discount on the total value in these surprise organic boxes. Extra organic products of your own choice can be added to these organic boxes if desired.


What size organic farm box do we need?

Each family’s requirements for organic fruit and vegetables vary so much that with all our years of experience our ability to answer this question still remains elusive. If you are unsure of what size organic box to order we suggest you try our medium sized organic mixed box to start with. If you know you will use heaps of organic fruit & vegetables go for the large mixed organic box, you may even want to include extra organic produce later. Our small mixed organic box is more suited to a single person or couple who only consume a small quantity of organic fruit and vegetables.

Our medium organic fruit only and our medium organic vegetables only boxes are reasonably substantial and would probably suit most average needs unless of course you want heaps of either organic fruit or organic vegetables. The large organic fruit only or organic vegetables only farm boxes are definitely a great family option.


Can I automate my fixed price organic farm box?

Yes this works well. Once your weekly or fortnightly organic order is in place your organic fruit and vegetables will arrive on a regular basis for you to enjoy. Set up an automatic bank payment and the only thing you will ever need to remember is to let us know at least 48 hours before your delivery if a specific order if not required.


How do I pay?

We prefer payment by internet banking to avoid the additional costs involved with payment by credit and debit cards. If you do decide to pay by credit card there will be a small surcharge applied to ensure we cover some of the extra costs involved with this type of transaction. We want to be able to provide our organic fruit and vegetables at the most cost effective price possible and we appreciate your assistance in helping us achieve this.


What if there is a problem with my organic order?

Contact us straight away either by phone or email so we can resolve the issue. If it involves a product that is not up to standard an email with a photo showing the problem would be ideal. Please contact us within 24 hours of your delivery so we are able to accept any claim you may have.


Our Guarantee

All our organic fruit and vegetables are fully guaranteed. If there ever is a problem as long as you let us know within 24 hours of delivery we will either credit the account you have with us for the affected amount or send a replacement with your next order.