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Eco-Organics Delivery – Thursday 15th March


Well this has been an amazing week! There is so much growth going on in the gardens, so much yummy food to eat; we are so spoilt for choice in this beautiful country of ours. Autumn is certainly a time of abundance! Plus we live in such a great climate that we are able to produce fresh produce all year round here in NZ. Sure produce is seasonal but there is always enough fresh NZ grown fruit and vegetables available, even if the choice is more restrictive over the colder months. Paradise!!!
Autumn is definitely the season for harvesting and storage. We used to do heaps of food storage for the leaner months, especially bottled tomatoes but find now with so much fresh produce available anyway there is no longer a need, except of course sweetcorn a favourite which we freeze for the long winter months. What we must do though is get on to the firewood and pine cones before it gets too wet so we have plenty of nice dry wood for the winter. We have a huge supply of firewood available, way more than we need, but we must get some shed stored now before it is too late. Maybe tomorrow.

It is definitely the season for harvesting apples and we have heaps of Gala available this week at $2.99kg. Such a good buy! Also this week we have the Southern Snap apple available. These are amazing apples, sweet with an accompanying tang, so good! They are scarce and very sought after; supply is limited. New seasons Beauregard Kumara start this week. These are the bright orange fleshed kumara. Juicing apples are also available now plus bosc pears and the last variety of plums for the season, Angelino. Local blueberries are almost finished, probably the last week for these and then the price will increase. Avocadoes are small this week, 120-160gms, and are priced accordingly. Sweetcorn is almost finished but still very nice. We hope to have some lemons available and maybe a limited supply of broccoli – will let you know later if we do.

Heaps of grapes available; the crop is poorer this year but we will probably just supply Eco-Organics and do minimal if any wholesaling so supply should be fine depending on the birds, who particularly love them too!


Special this week

Gala Apples @ $2.99kg Great value and just freshly picked


New Products

Beauregard Kumara
Juicing Apples
Southern Snap Apples
Bosc Pears
Angelino Plums

Will be in touch later with any updates. Enjoy your week and take care!
Really enjoy receiving your orders too.