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Welcome back & Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Well we’ve certainly had some nice summer weather to start the year off and now the rain is most welcome. Our plan was to get back into gear for the deliveries yesterday, computer work etc but with the power off we had a lovely quiet relaxing day. And the day before that was Des’s birthday which of course entailed catching up with family etc. We’ve had a nice break just pottering around and generally enjoying ourselves. I trust you also have been able to take the time to do some things you’ve wanted to do for yourselves over this time too.

And now we are back into it, realising that we really enjoy what we do but also more aware that we need to delegate some of the workload to some extra helping hands where necessary. Pre-Christmas was rather stressful trying to cope with the new website on top of the usual rush required at that time of the year but having had a chance to step back from it now it’s easier to see not everything needs to be done at once and some things can just wait. We’re aiming for a special year with lots of goodies and plenty of happy well fed customers!

This week new seasons buttercup starts – green skin and yellow/orange flesh and the best pumpkin type around! We also have new seasons rocket potatoes, plenty of carrots, juicing and table, new seasons beetroot, NZ garlic and also some small round green beans. More cherries, peaches, plums and blueberries – yum! Strawberries are almost finished but we will have plenty of frozen ones available later. Just ask if you want them earlier. Avocadoes are in very short supply and we only have a very few this week, could be short until the end of the month actually.
With increased supply prices on some products are now easing – this is the best time of the year for prices to reduce as we move into great growing weather and main crop production. Tomatoes are cheaper, greens like silverbeet also, plus blueberries, cherries, beans, potatoes and carrots; even kumara has eased a little. Other crops like beetroot and buttercups will ease as production increases later.

Special this week

Navel Oranges @ $4.99kg We have heaps of these so definitely something to enjoy this week


New Products

Rocket Potatoes These are white flesh and newly harvested
Carrots – Juicing
NZ Garlic New seasons just beginning
Prepak 1.5kg Agria Potatoes
Green Beans Small round

New seasons sunrise apples and sugar belle pears are coming next week – don’t you just love this time of the year!
Will update as more products become available